The ‘Vertigo’ turbo-prop racer is so ridiculously overpowered that you will grin like a Cheshire cat

Do you have what it takes to tame this beast? That’s the big question when jumping into the cockpit of Vertigo, a new airplane for Flight Simulator that will get your blood pumping really, really fast!

Vertigo is based on the default JMB VL-3, but with Mike Patey’s “Turbulence” as an inspiration. “Turbulence” is a highly modified Lancair Legacy, which broke the record for the fastest average speed in a single-engine turboprop airplane. Since MSFS doesn’t have a Lancair, GotGravel, Vertigo’s creator (who also brought us the awesome Savage Carbon), decided to get to work on the next similar thing, and severely retrofitted a JMB VL-3 with that monster engine that is the Pratt & Whitney PT6A. The result? An ultralight with 850hp. A dramatic, grin-inducing experience that may just be some of the best fun you can have in Flight Simulator!

Vertigo could easily be mistaken for your standard VL-3, if it wasn’t for those massive 6 blades on the front. The external and internal models are definitely familiar, but flying this thing is unlike anything you can imagine. It feels more like a fighter jet than a composite (although pretty fast in itself), light airplane.

Vertigo behaves as you can imagine given its name. At full power (not recommended), the parking brakes can’t hold it still, and take-off happens nearly instantly. The power delivery is massive, and this little airplane just shoots straight into the air, absolutely vertical if you need it, climbing up the clouds at 8.000 fpm (!!!). It reaches its top speed of 380 knots completely effortlessly, and you can’t help but feel that it just won’t go faster because it would otherwise explode into a million pieces.

It’s a riveting experience, flying this damn thing. You will have so much fun your face muscles might get stuck. But you’re not only getting an overpowered VL-3 here. The developer took the care to include 10 “sporty” liveries and interiors, as well as custom sounds for the engine, and completely overhauled lighting and electrical systems. There is even 3 weather presets included! It’s a comprehensive mod that creates a really unique airplane!

Vertigo is available for free through, and works as a mod to your default VL-3. You will find it right next to its sibling in Flight Simulator. Check our images below to see what to expect. And seriously, go try it!