Wing42 finally reveals Boeing 247D release date and pricing

At long last, Wing42 has finally revealed the two big pieces of the puzzle that were missing concerning the Boeing 247D for Microsoft Flight Simulator: pricing and release date. And get ready for a surprise, because not only will this “new” old Boeing be out in less than a month, on April 2, but it will also come at a surprisingly low price for such a highly-detailed aircraft: just $19.99!

After some exciting feature previews and teasers, Wing42 is now gearing up for the release of this impressive new aircraft for MSFS. In a new update posted on Wing42’s website, Otmar Nitsche says that the 247D will finally be out in just under 3 weeks. Obviously, this date may slip a bit if any major new issues arise, but the developer seems confident that everything will go smoothly until then.

While the prospect of a launch day is definitely a great reason to be excited about, perhaps even better than that is the pricing. At just $19.99, and knowing how deep and obsessively realistic this simulation is claimed to be, Wing42 is playing a smart and very welcome strategy. Well aware of the large userbase in MSFS, and keen to bring the 247D to a large number of people, selling an excellent (we hope!) product at an affordable price will certainly put Wing42’s name out there, besides ensuring a nice financial income from an expected large number of sales. Smart from the developer and very good news for simmers!

Wing42 Boeing 247 MSFS release date 2

Wing42 Boeing 247 MSFS release date 3

Otmar confesses his surprise for seeing many mediocre add-ons selling at steep prices in MSFS, especially considering the wide reach of the Marketplace and the sales it has generated for third-party developers (see, for example, PMDG’s statement about this particular subject from a few months ago). He believes that the huge userbase in MSFS, coupled with the wide reach of the built-in Marketplace, enables add-ons to be sustainably sold at a lower price, and he’s going to test that theory with the Boeing 247D.

He warns, though, that this pricing strategy is in no means vinculative for future products, and reserves the freedom to change strategy if this ends up not going as planned.

All considered, the Boeing 247D is looking to be an important new release for MSFS, for all the above reasons, but also for the apparent quality of the package itself. With innovative features such as a radio range navigation radio, state-saving, and some specific maintenance requirements, we’re in for a very immersive simulation of this classic airliner. And at just $19.99, it may well stir up the community into rethinking about how quality addons are priced in the platform. Definitely something to watch out for in the coming weeks!