Aerosoft’s CRJ detailed in more interior and exterior images

Excitement mounts as the CRJ Series from Aerosoft nears release! The team is hard at work to finish the project, working extra time to polish the whole package. This weekend we got some nice new details from Mathijs Kok and the team, who shared new images and details of current progress with the aircraft.

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All in all, everything is moving along nicely, as the SDK seems to not be much of a problem at this time since Aerosoft is working so close with Asobo. It seems like there’s only a few (important) tweaks left at this stage, which is definitely promising. Release is still expected for the near months, to what is arguably the most highly anticipated third party aircraft for MSFS so far.

According to Mathijs we will get the 550 and 700 variantes first, with the 900 and 1000 coming a bit later. Upgrades will be “easy and cheap”, two words that anyone can appreciate.

On a final note, beta testers will have the opportunity to try out this bird already in the coming days, but don’t raise your hopes to much, as the beta group is already full, and only real pilots can apply at this stage.