A real-world preview of A2A’s Aerostar for MSFS

A2A Simulations is well known for their hugely accurate and realistic aircraft addons for flight simulation, and everyone is excited to see their first release for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. As we’ve written before, this first release is already being planned – the Aerostar 600 – and it will be a test bed for all the new amazing technologies made available not only in MSFS but also those developed in-house by A2A, namely their latest Accu-Sim framework.

A2A’s goal is to bring its very own Aerostar N122PC into the sim, with all the exact idiosyncrasies of that particular aircraft, which is owned by A2A’s owner Scott Gentile. While we don’t yet have much to show you with regards to the actual virtual version of the bird, we do have a real-word preview, courtesy of Scott himself, who shared a video of the first flight in the Aerostar with Jake Gentile as a co-pilot:

It’s a surprising and hugely interesting sneak peek of what we can expect of the future Accu-Simmed version of the plane. In the video we can see how each aircraft is different, and how this particular Aerostar needs just a little more fuel primer to get the engine started than what “people say”. You see? For some reason, this Aerostar with registration N122PC needs two or three more seconds to prime the engines, and this is going to be replicated in the AccuSim version. And that’s why everyone loves A2A aircraft, it’s that level of realism and detail that we don’t see anywhere else.

This approach to development also extends to the complete audio experience of flying each aircraft. Another example with the Aerostar is how you get a sense of the engine’s RPM by the sound of the alternators. Again, it’s a whine that will also be Accu-Simmed.

Make sure to watch the video for more tidbits about the aircraft and what we can expect to see in the future version for Flight Simulator. There’s no further news about when we can possibly start seeing this come to life in a virtual form, but we will keep a very close eye on the development of this very exciting addon. Stay tuned!