A2A Simulations working on the Aerostar 600 for MSFS

A2A is jumping onboard for the development of addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a statement published on A2A’s website, the developer details a little of what they are working on and the plans for the future.

A2A is a well known and extremely respected aircraft developer for flight simulators, with a rich history of iconic airplanes created with their Accu-Sim technology, which allows the creation of lifelike aircraft with all their underlying systems and characteristics.

Now in its 4th version, Accu-Sim has evolved into a set of tools that is capable of creating aircraft with unprecedented levels of detail. Because of this, A2A has been working with the US military in the simulation of training aircraft.

The current focus seems to be the release of the first product for MSFS, which is looking to be the Aerostar, since it’s the first developed with the new version of Accu-Sim. Regarding the plans to “port” existing Accu-sim products to the new sim, A2A says that “future releases won’t just be ports of existing products, but instead they’ll take full advantage of the features and potential of the new platform to bring an unprecedented level of fidelity and quality.”

The specific aircraft that is being “Accu-Simmed” is Scott Gentile’s (A2A owner) own Aerostar N122PC, and the promise here is that “anyone who wishes to learn how to operate a real Aerostar 600 will be able to on a level of detail never before possible.”

For A2A, “when things are real, it’s easier. Just flying an Accu-Sim aircraft for fun turns you into a better pilot because you are experiencing many things indistinguishable from reality. Experiencing real physics and sound is so fun you don’t even realize you are learning”.

In the statement the developers say that it’s still too early to make a formal announcement, but promise that successive aircraft should take less time, once the Accu-Sim v4 toolset is fully developed.

A2A is a favorite among flight simmers and we will definitely continue to keep an eye on what they have to share in future. You should too! And don’t forget to check other developers’ work for the new Flight Simulator, like PMDG, Majestic Software or Aerosoft.

Aerostar 11