Shrike Simulations releasing the F-86 Sabre for MSFS this month

Here’s a nice little surprise from the team at Blackbird Simulations (formerly Milviz), more specifically from their Shrike Simulations division: their F-86 Sabre is ready and will be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator by the end of the month, on March 30th!

The team at Blackbird/Shrike has a lot on their plate, with a wide range of aircraft in the works of varying degrees of complexity. The F-86 Sabre was known to be one of them, but the team has plenty of other exciting projects in the pipeline, such as the Huey, the C-130, the SR-71 Blackbird, and many more!

As for the Sabre, it’s the third release for Shrike, following the PA-30 and the 530f helicopter, and continues their motto of creating affordable high-quality models that focus on the core flying experience, with great visuals inside and out but without any of the bells and whistles found on Blackbird’s releases.

The Sabre is set to follow this path, as shown in the teaser trailer revealed today by the team. A beautiful exterior model with a very detailed cockpit are safe assumptions based on the available materials. Interestingly, Shrike will also be adding weapons loadouts to the Sabres, although obviously, these will only be available on versions sold outside of the MSFS Marketplace.

The Shrike Simulations F-86 Sabre is scheduled for release on March 30th and will be priced at just $19.95 USD.