GAmod injects a wide variety of general aviation and military traffic in MSFS

If you’re mostly a general aviation flier in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’ve probably wondered how you can add more GA traffic in the simulator and get a better sense of not being alone flying low in the skies. Today, we’re featuring a freeware mod that aims to improve this aspect in Microsoft Flight Simulator with a simple but very effective solution. It’s called GAmod, and it essentially injects not only a wide variety of GA traffic into the simulator but also military traffic, helicopters, and even hot air balloons!

Despite all the awesome things in Microsoft Flight Simulator, one area needing improvement is its representation of GA traffic. Airports often feel empty, and the skies lack the bustling activity characteristic of real-world aviation, especially in regions of the world where private aviation is a popular activity. Recognizing this gap, developer Corsten created GAmod to provide a solution.

Key Features of GAmod:

  • Focus on General Aviation: Unlike other mods that might add various types of traffic, GAmod focuses solely on enhancing general aviation.
  • Military Traffic Included: A recent update introduced military traffic flight plans and traffic injection in military bases
  • Realism and Variety: The mod introduces a variety of GA aircraft, populating airports with static and moving models that significantly enhance the environment’s realism. Pilots can expect to see everything from small Cessnas to sophisticated business jets, mirroring the diversity seen in real-world airports.
  • Customizable density: Users can use traffic density in MSFS the customize the amount of traffic they get.

GAmod has been on the scene for some time, enjoying consistent and regular support and updates from its developer. A recent major update has introduced a highly anticipated feature: military traffic injection. With the latest version of GAmod, military aircraft are now visible not only at military bases but also in flight. Impressively, it even allows for practice approaches to airborne fuel tankers!

Like any AI traffic mod, GAmod may affect performance based on the settings chosen. Nevertheless, the mod offers customizable density settings, providing flexibility to balance the experience with the available performance headroom. The aircraft models utilized by GAmod are designed to be FPS-friendly, ensuring that most users should encounter no issues when running the mod.

gamod msfs ga traffic 1

Note that, in my experience, the optional traffic types can have a more noticeable impact on performance. The developer provides pre-defined densities for acrobatic aircraft, helicopters, balloons, and blimps. Opting for higher densities with these traffic types can significantly increase the number of AI models loaded by the simulator in the vicinity of the user. However, choosing the low-density options is likely more realistic and also gentler on the system.

For the “general” GA traffic, users can customise the traffic density using the traffic slider in the MSFS options.

GAmod is a simple but very good way to add more GA traffic around you in Microsoft Flight Simulator and it’s available now, for free, through