Navigraph Charts updated with a new tool at your disposal: Annotations!

Navigraph continues to enhance its Charts software for flight simulators, introducing a remarkable set of new features and capabilities. The latest addition to the program promises to be exceptionally useful, providing the ability for users to draw and write annotations directly over the charts in the Navigraph app on all devices.

This new annotations feature is compatible with the entire Jeppesen charts collection in Navigraph, which covers more than 7,000 airports worldwide. This capability allows simmers to mark up their charts directly, quite similarly to what many are accustomed to doing with their smartphones’ screenshots.

navigraph charts annotations 1

By clicking a pen icon in the top right corner of the Charts interface, users can activate the options to draw on top of the charts. This can be done using a mouse, finger, or a pen device on tablets, for instance. With this tool, flight simmers can draw freehand, create geometric shapes, and personalize their annotations in terms of color, size, and shape.

This capability, often used in the real world by pilots, can enhance situational awareness. Users can now easily plot taxi routes, pinpoint critical details, and outline specific flight procedures directly on the charts. Such interactive planning capabilities are invaluable, especially during the most demanding phases of flight, enabling simmers to manage their flight path efficiently and with greater confidence.

Moreover, the Annotations feature extends to SimBrief’s OFPs, facilitating intuitive planning and tracking of time and fuel consumption throughout the flight journey.

navigraph charts annotations 5

navigraph charts annotations 3

navigraph charts annotations 2

Further details and examples of how to leverage the new Annotations feature can be found in Navigraph’s recent blog post.

Annotations in Navigraph Charts are now available across multiple platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web browsers, and the Charts In-Game Panel for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s a free update included in your Navigraph subscription.