Fly in Fall Season with this mod for trees in MSFS

Everybody loves trees. Big, beautiful, green trees, one of the most gorgeous views from the skies, a view that gets uglier as your altitude drops…

In Flight Simulator trees are a big part of the immersive feeling of flying across the land. They give depth to the scenery, make it looks tridimensional, realistic. Unfortunately, in MSFS, all the trees are green. Other than with snow, they never seem to go around their life cycle as they should, and that’s because the sim doesn’t yet support Seasons. We say yet, because there were already some hints from the developers that this may change in the future.

However, today we bring you a beautiful free mod that changes the colors of the trees in the sim, in order to simulate Fall’s color palette. It works beautifully, with a rich variety of new shades that absolutely change the way the scenery feels around the world when lots of trees are involved. You may even experience a slight performance improvement, since this mod also replaces some of the existing bigger trees for smaller ones.

All in all, it’s a great mod to have at this time of the year, specially if coupled with a moody weather, some light rain, and a gorgeous rainbow in the horizon!

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