Discover all the details about the SC Designs F-5E Tiger II, coming very soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator

SC Designs, DC Designs’ sister studio, is on the verge of releasing its latest military aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Known so far for its F-16, SC Designs is now set to expand its repertoire with the F-5E Tiger II, the super-elegant light jet fighter first introduced in the 1960s and serving various air forces around the globe.

Leading up to the release, which is expected within the next couple of weeks, Just Flight has now pushed live the official product page with all the details you need to know about this package. This way you can learn more about the product and decide ahead of time if it will be worth your time.

So, what exactly will you get with the SC Designs F-5E Tiger II? Well, the developers claim to have gone to great lengths to accurately model the aircraft’s flight dynamics, systems, and visual details, ensuring that it not only looks the part but flies with the precision expected by MSFS simmers.

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 1

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 5

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 7

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 3

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 8

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 9

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 13

Key features highlighted by SC Designs include a high-fidelity model with detailed textures and animations, a fully functional cockpit with authentic instruments and avionics, and custom-coded systems to replicate the real aircraft’s performance. Additionally, the package is said to come with a variety of liveries, representing different eras and operators of the F-5E, providing simmers with a broad canvas to explore historical and hypothetical scenarios in MSFS.

The cockpit aims to mirror the real aircraft’s precision and detail, incorporating both the gunsight reticule display and a functional radar system in multiplayer, akin to the DC Designs F4 Phantom‘s radar capabilities. True to the original aircraft, it lacks an autopilot system and is equipped with only the essentials: basic radio, NAV, and TACAN gear.

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 11

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 12

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 10

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 6

SC Designs F 5E Tiger II MSFS 2

For PC users purchasing from third-party vendors such as Just Flight, weapons will be visible, enhancing the realism of the simulation. As expected, the Marketplace version will not have such capabilities. The aircraft will also see a gradual introduction of further weapons load-outs and liveries through updates over the course of 2024.

For those interested in adding this iconic aircraft to their virtual hangar, the product page for the SC Designs F-5E Tiger II is now live on the Just Flight website. There’s no option to purchase right now, but it shouldn’t take long. As for the price, it’s already known: €21.95.