DC Designs’ F-4 Phantom is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

After months of anticipation, DC Designs has finally released its highly awaited F-4 Phantom for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The iconic fighter jet, known for its distinctive design and powerful performance, is now available for virtual pilots to experience in the immersive world of MSFS.

DC Designs first announced the development of the F-4 Phantom in April 2022. The developer has since been sharing progress updates and sneak peeks, culminating in today’s release in the Marketplace for PC and Xbox simmers. It’s a follow-up to the Harrier II that they launched in November.

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 4

The F-4 Phantom package includes three different models: the F-4E, F-4J, and FGR.2. DC Designs promises that each model has been meticulously crafted to replicate the real-world aircraft’s unique features and performance characteristics. The F-4E and F-4J are American variants, while the FGR.2 is a British variant, offering simmers a range of real-world versions of the fighter that is still flown today.

The F-4 Phantom is renowned for its speed and versatility, having served in numerous roles, including interceptor, fighter-bomber, and reconnaissance aircraft. DC Designs has faithfully recreated the aircraft’s exterior and interior, aiming to capture the Phantom’s rugged and functional aesthetic. The cockpit is fully interactive, with working gauges, switches, and systems that simulate the complexity of operating a high-performance military aircraft.

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 10

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 9

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 6

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 7

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 3

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 2

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 1

DC Designs F4 Phantom MSFS 8

DC Designs has also included a range of liveries for each model, allowing users to customize their aircraft’s appearance. The liveries represent different squadrons and eras, reflecting the F-4 Phantom’s extensive service history.

In addition to the aircraft itself, the package includes a comprehensive manual that provides detailed information about the F-4 Phantom’s systems and operation. This resource should prove to be invaluable for users who want to fully understand and master the aircraft.

The F-4 Phantom from DC Designs is now available for purchase on the MSFS Marketplace for both PC and Xbox, priced at $34.99 USD.