DC Designs announces development of the F-4J Phantom for MSFS

DC Designs may be enjoying the success of the recent release of Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but the developer is already looking ahead to what’s coming next. We’ve learned late last year about the plans for 2022, but these have since changed a bit, with one airplane being replaced in favor of a new model.

Those looking to fly the Su-27 Flanker will, unfortunately, be left waiting for the time being. DC Designs cites the recent events in Eastern Europe to put that project back on the shelf until further notice. However, there’s a new aircraft taking the place of the Su-27, one that will thrill Western military aviation geeks: the F-4J Phantom!

DC Designs reveals that the development of the Phantom was actually underway a few months ago, but work had halted since DC Designs learned of another developer working on the same aircraft (Milviz, maybe?). It seems now that they are working on a much earlier variant that is also not coming any time soon, so DC Designs decided to move ahead with its own Phantom for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

DC Designs F 4 Phantom MSFS 2.JPEG
DC Designs is now bringing both the F-4 Phantom and the A-10 to MSFS.

The F-4 Phantom was a staple for military services across the world for decades. It’s an iconic airplane that was famously used extensively during the Vietnam War, and it actually remains in service today with some air forces. After all, it’s the most produced American supersonic fighter ever!

With the F-4 Phantom now officially entering the ranks of aircraft in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the list of military airplanes will continue to grow, which is always interesting to see considering that MSFS is a civilian simulator, with no current capability to simulate warfare. Still, these types of airplanes are always great fun to fly and a quick way to move between places. They also look badass as hell!

As things stand right now, DC Designs plans to release the Harrier II this Summer, followed by the A-10 “Warthog” in the Fall. The freeware P-61B Black Widow continues to be worked on during spare time, also looking to see the light of day later this year.

One final note for existing owners of the F-15 Eagle and F-14 Tomcat. Both of those packages are due for an extensive update, which should arrive by the end of this month.