Cockspur teases the Phenom 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Cockspur has teased today a new exciting project for Microsoft Flight Simulator – the Phenom 100. With a diverse range of aircraft that already includes a business jet in the portfolio – the C510 Mustang – Cockspur is looking to expand its offering in this category in 2024.

Sebastian Darrell, the lead developer at Cockspur, told us that the Phenom 100 has been in the works for quite some time. “It’s fully flyable and currently undergoing testing,” Darrell commented. While hesitant to commit to a specific release date, he hinted at a possible launch in a few months.

Darrell also mentioned plans for streamers to showcase the aircraft around Christmas, offering the community a sneak peek into its capabilities.

Cockspur’s ambition with the Phenom 100 is not just about adding another aircraft to their portfolio. Darrell stressed that the development team is applying all the lessons learned from their previous projects, particularly the C510 Mustang, and going beyond. “We’re incorporating features into the Phenom 100 that the C510 doesn’t have yet, but will in future updates,” he explained.

Cockspur’s history with business jet models in MSFS is set to continue with the Phenom 100. The C510 Mustang was well-received, showcasing their ability to balance complexity and user-friendliness. The Phenom 100 is expected to raise the bar further, offering simmers a rich and immersive flying experience. And the team is also known to be working on the Hawker 800X, a longer-range jet that would also be a very interesting addition to the simulator.

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Darrell expressed the team’s enthusiasm: “We are working round the clock on this, the whole team is super excited about this project and every day we are adding new features and systems to it.”

The Cockspur Phenom 100 is scheduled to be available on PC and Xbox and will be priced at $26.99.