Cowan Simulation announces Robinson R66 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Cowan Simulation is gearing up to add a new helicopter to their lineup in Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Robinson R66. This news breaks after a quiet period from the developer, following their earlier release of the Bell 222B.

The R66 holds the distinction of being Robinson’s first and only turbine helicopter. As Sérgio Costa reports on, Joshua Cowan, the lead developer at Cowan Simulation, was inspired to create this model following his firsthand experience with the R66.

Currently in the final stages of development, the R66 simulation is set to feature floats, a side basket, animated passengers, and a richly detailed sound set. It will also offer an impressive selection of 50 liveries and customizable cockpit options, including both steam and glass gauges.

Cowan Simulations R66 MSFS previews 6

Cowan Simulations R66 MSFS previews 5

Cowan Simulations R66 MSFS previews 4

Cowan Simulations R66 MSFS previews 3

Cowan Simulations R66 MSFS previews 2

Cowan Simulations R66 MSFS previews 7

The announcement has generated the usual buzz among rotorcraft enthusiasts but has also, surprisingly, sparked some backlash against the developer. Several users have voiced their concerns online regarding the lack of updates to Cowan’s existing helicopter models in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Despite this, Cowan Simulation has assured that updates to all existing helicopters, along with the new R66, will soon be available to MSFS simmers.

If Cowan Simulation’s track record is anything to go by, the release of the R66 could be imminent, possibly within this month. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. In the meantime, enjoy the first preview images of this eagerly anticipated new helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator.