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When Microsoft Flight Simulator returned in 2020, the third-party addon community reacted with enthusiasm. The opportunity to create exciting new addons for a brand new platform opened horizons not only for awesome new flight simulation experiences but also for business opportunities, as there was now a huge new audience looking to enhance their experience in MSFS with new aircraft, upgraded scenery, and more.

Developers quickly went to work and started developing countless addons, many of them freeware, but also many payware, creating a vibrant business environment where they would sell their products from a variety of different stores. So much so that we often wonder if a particular aircraft or airport can be purchased at a special advantageous price point at a particular store. But with so many to choose from, who has the time to check all the stores to find the best price?

That’s where today’s featured website,, comes into play. It’s a project by developer Chris Rimmer that is designed with a very concrete purpose: to help you find the best deals on MSFS addons across multiple online stores.

fsaddoncompare website msfs addons prices 1 1 aggregates prices from well-known flight sim retailers such as simMarket, Aerosoft, Contrail,, iniBuilds, Just Flight, Orbx, and the MSFS Marketplace. It has a database of over 5,000 addons and growing, allowing users to effortlessly search, filter, and compare prices. Is a particular aircraft you’re looking for a bit cheaper on a specific site? Or is there any sale available for the product you’re looking for? looks to answer those questions.

Associated with the website is also a dedicated Discord channel that pushes real-time sale notifications, ensuring you never miss out on a great deal.

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fsaddoncompare website msfs addons prices 2 offers customizable search options where prices can be displayed in your choice of USD, GBP, EUR, or AUD. It’s important to note, though, that listed prices are shown without local taxes and currency conversions are updated daily, which may lead to minor discrepancies.

Currently in beta, the website is continuously improving and evolving based on user feedback. The developer is committed to refining data accuracy and enhancing the overall user experience on the site, making it a very useful tool to have in hand when searching for the next addon purchase!

For more information and to begin your search for the best addon deals, visit