flyLAT, a new VA system with economy for MSFS, launches closed beta trial

After more than a year of development, flyLAT, a new virtual airline system from LukeAirTool developer Lukasz Czapla, is now undergoing a restricted beta test. The program promises to provide users access to a dynamic economy that responds to players and events in the real world.

Users will be able to operate and administer their airlines without doing the tiresome management labor, according to the developer. Features such as route management, fleet management, maintenance, and hubs are part of the current closed beta experiment. Additionally, the system promises to feature a dynamic economy that changes in response to players, global events, and natural disasters.

To cater to different user needs, flyLAT will offer two modes: Arcade and Normal mode. The Arcade mode will allow users to create a route and fly, earning points for their airline to compete against other arcade companies. The Normal mode will offer all the features included in the closed beta trial, with more features added over time.

flyLAT MSFS virtual airline preview 2

flyLAT will also offer users the option to make standard LukeAirTool audio announcements and customize their own announcements with their airline name. Furthermore, the system is compatible with IVAO and VATSIM, and users will receive their own web space if needed, where they can host their airlines’ website.

flyLAT’s pricing module has been designed to be low-cost, with only the company CEO paying £34.99 per year to use the system. Pilots and managers fly for free, and the CEO will also receive hosting livery, their own web space, and access to the system for 12 months. To extend the subscription, the cost is £29.99 per year during active subscription, and AirTool premium users will receive an additional three months free every time they subscribe.

Finally, flyLAT’s developers have assured users that if they already run a virtual airline on another platform, they can transfer their airline’s information over.

A recent video from the developer of flyLAT presents the features of the platform, its current state, and its future plans.

The developer of flyLAT says that the Main Hub page of the platform is currently basic and not very informative. However, this will change in the future, as more features and information will be added. For example, the platform will show where the user’s aircraft is located and offer options to display the map in different ways, such as showing current aircraft, hubs, and routes. In the future, the platform will also include a news feed to inform users of important updates.

The Company Manager screen is where users can manage their airline company. Here, users can rename their company, change their call sign and location, and view their profits. The platform uses a credit currency during beta, but currencies such as dollars, euros, and pounds will be added in the future. Users can also view their bank balance, which takes into account loans, fees, taxes, and parking fines. The interest rates and total fuel cost will be updated daily.

Flylat also offers a route breakdown, showing all the routes the user’s company has. In the future, users will be able to view the details of each route, including the points of origin and destination.

flyLAT MSFS virtual airline preview 3

The platform also offers a feature that allows users to buy and sell fuel to other airlines. The price of fuel will fluctuate, and users can adjust their prices accordingly.

The developer notes that the platform is still under development and some functions are still under construction. However, users can disable these functions if necessary to prevent any errors or damages to their company.

Ultimately, flyLAT aims to provide users with the option to create and run their own airline business in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The platform is still being developed, therefore upgrades and additional features will be made over time. Simmers can sign up for the ongoing closed beta for free if they are interested in testing the platform at this time.