New video from Bluebird Simulations details progress with 757 and 767 for MSFS

Bluebird Simulations has been forging ahead with its Boeing 757 project, leaving no stone unturned in this mission to create “the best 757 experience for Flight Simulator“. This week, the developer released a new video sharing critical updates on the firm’s ongoing projects, most notably their 757 and 767 developments, while also hinting at a secret upcoming project.

As we’ve learned before, Bluebird plans to release the passenger version of the 757 by the end of 2023 or early 2024, followed by a paid cargo expansion after the initial release. The team is hard at work to deliver on their promises as soon as possible, but has warned that the release may very well slip into 2024, as there’s still a lot of work to be done.

A crucial milestone achieved in the development process is the successful recording of sounds from the 757 RB211 engine. This has allowed for the incorporation of authentic start-up, shutdown, and idle sounds in the simulation.

The 757 is currently in alpha testing, a critical phase in the development process. It is being tested by both Just Flight and Bluebird’s team, engaging almost 40 people to ensure that the product is coming into life in a robust and reliable way.

767 also moving forward

Simultaneously, Bluebird Simulations is making significant strides in the development of the 767. The developer recently had access to the aircraft for an intensive four-hour session with the plane, during which he captured about 2000 pictures and took detailed measurements of the cockpit and cabin. These efforts are aimed at creating the most accurate 767 ever made for a flight simulator.

Given the magnitude of the 767 project, Bluebird Simulations is looking to bring an additional programmer on board. This move is likely to bolster the development process and ensure the successful execution of this complex task. Interested and experienced individuals are encouraged to reach out to Bluebird to explore this opportunity.

bluebird767web msfs
One of the few existing images of Bluebird’s 767 model, here edited for enhanced clarity.

More updates on the 767 project will be forthcoming once the 757 passenger version is released.

A secret new project in the horizon

While working diligently on the 757 and 767 projects, Bluebird Simulations has its sights set on future developments. The CEO teased a secretive project involving a rarely-accessed plane. Although development will not begin until the 767 reaches beta testing, the developer managed to gather extensive documentation and photos for future use. Expect to hear more details about this new airplane in the coming months!

Stay tuned to Bluebird’s forthcoming developments as we await this promising new airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator!