BlueBird Simulations provides status update on Boeing 757 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Following their recent interview with iFlySimX about the much-awaited Boeing 757 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, BlueBird Simulations has provided a new status update on the latest developments in the project. The team aims to create an engaging, realistic, and accessible experience for all simmers, and their dedication is reflected in the significant progress they have made over the past few months on various aspects of the 757 200/300.

In this update, the team has highlighted some of the main updates and enhancements made to the aircraft, along with work-in-progress screenshots:

  • The flight management system (FMS) now includes fully functional LNAV, VNAV, SID, STAR, holding patterns, and more.
  • Custom hydraulic, IRS, and pneumatic systems have been implemented, with more details to follow as additional custom systems are in development.
  • The team has added custom spoiler animations based on different spoiler functions, extension limits, and times.
Bluebird 757 msfs preveiws 7.png

Bluebird 757 msfs preveiws 5.png

Bluebird 757 msfs preveiws 4.png

Bluebird 757 msfs preveiws 3.png

Bluebird 757 msfs preveiws 2.png

Bluebird 757 msfs preveiws 1.png

  • Work on the virtual cabin has begun, promising an immersive in-flight experience.
  • The external model has received numerous additions, particularly detailed wing components, such as flap track mechanisms, spoiler actuators, and wiring harnesses.
  • The virtual cockpit (VC) textures, animations, and various parts have been completely reworked, with a preview expected around the middle of the year.
  • Dozens of real-life 757 sounds have been recorded, covering everything from external APU startup and shutdown, hydraulic pumps, aural warnings, switches and knobs, to ambient sounds and internal engine sounds for both Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce engines.
  • Work continues on high-quality exterior textures, which are still WIP.

Alongside this list of features the team has been working on, a new preview video was also published showcasing the spoiler animation in the BlueBird 757, which looks very realistic upon landing!

The developers promise to continue moving forward with this project over the coming months, so expect to see further updates during the summer months. BlueBird Simulations remains committed to creating a high-quality aircraft that simmers will enjoy, with a planned release by the end of this year. Stay tuned for more news about this exciting addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator!