Learn more about the BlueBird 757 for MSFS in this interview with iFlySimX

Bluebird Simulations, whose Boeing 757 for MSFS has generated quite a bit of buzz among the flight simulation community, has recently shared further insights into this project in an interview with iFlySimX. Sherwin, CEO at BlueBird Simulations, discussed how they started the project and what their goals are as development progresses toward a planned release later this year.

During the interview, which you can hear in full below, Sherwin details how he started flying in Flight Simulator back in the early ’90s and his involvement in creating aircraft models for various freeware and payware groups since then. After some reflection during the pandemic, he decided to start Bluebird Simulations with a few other people he had worked with in the past, with the goal of creating a high-quality aircraft that simmers would enjoy flying in MSFS.

The team settled on the Boeing 757 as their first project, as they felt it was a timeless design that was underserved in the flight simulation community. They also considered that not many other groups were working on a 757 project, unlike more popular aircraft like the 737 and A320, which have several developers working on them.

BlueBird Simulations aims to create an immersive and affordable experience that caters to simmers of all experience levels. With a focus on realistic normal operations and flight dynamics, the developers are working closely with pilots to ensure the aircraft flies accurately within the limitations of the simulator.

The flight management system, a core component of the project, will feature fully functional LNAV, VNAV, SIDS, and STARS. The electrical system will be customized specifically for the 757, with continuous improvements planned through free updates for those who purchase the base package. Additional systems under development include brake temperature monitoring, hydraulic systems, and cabin altitude and temperature systems.

The initial release of the aircraft will offer both the 200 and 300 variants, featuring Pratt and Whitney and Rolls-Royce RB211 engines, with winglet and non-winglet versions available. The developers expect to provide eight different variants in total, although they cannot yet promise multiple door configurations.

bluebird 757 msfs 2

A cargo version is also planned, with a shift in focus to its development following the passenger version release. This cargo variant will be available as a paid expansion package, with enhancements made to it offered as free updates for those who purchase the passenger version.

Inside the BlueBird Simulations 757, the flight deck will initially feature a mix of CRT displays, analog MCP numbers, and digital radio panels. Plans are in place to update the primary and navigation displays to LCD displays in the cargo variant, eventually working their way back into the passenger variant as an enhancement.

While the developers are considering additional variants for future releases, nothing has been promised as of yet. The team remains committed to providing an engaging, realistic, and accessible experience for all simmers with their 757 project.

bbs 757 msfs dme arc demonstration

When asked about the release date, Sherwin stated that their goal is to release the 757 by the tail end of this year. However, he was quick to point out that things could change, and if a bug or issue arises, they will not rush the release. The team wants to make sure that the aircraft meets their standards before releasing it to the public.

In terms of pricing, Sherwin didn’t give an exact price point but stated that the team is aiming for an affordable price that is fair to both the team and the community. He also thanked Just Flight for their support in helping make the project happen.

These are the most important points discussed during the interview, but make sure to watch the whole thing to learn more about the developer’s history and goals with the 757. It seems clear that the team is passionate about creating a high-quality aircraft that simmers will enjoy, which is definitely something we can all be excited about. The 757 is a truly stunning airplane that is sorely missing in MSFS, and we can’t wait to see BlueBird doing it justice!