Start learning to fly the CRJ with the first official tutorial video

Even though the CRJ Series from Aerosoft has yet to be released, everyone is pretty confident that it’s just a matter of days or weeks until it finally sees the light of day.

In the meantime, Aerosoft has started a series of tutorial videos about the aircraft that will prove to be very useful to anyone wanting to deep dive into the CRJ.

In this tutorial series, ‘The Dude’, a well known and longtime member of Aerosoft’s Forums and a commercial pilot, will take you through all the steps necessary to complete an introductory flight in the CRJ, from the Paderborn to Munich. This video series will closely follow the same flight that is described in the official documentation, which is already available here (you need an Aerosoft account to download).

In this first video, The Dude takes us inside the cockpit to perform a series of pre-flight safety checks and starting the aircraft from cold and dark, showing the beautiful CRJ interior in great detail, some of the systems, screens, and so on.

It’s a great detailed first look that mimics some of the first impressions the actual customers of the CRJ will experience. Loading up the airplane, getting into the captain’s seat while slowly appreciating the level of details and that excitement of putting this new machine up and running.

As for the actual aircraft release, there’s no further news at this point, but considering that Aerosoft is now releasing this kind of education materials, everything is pointing to a release very shortly. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available!