Just Flight announces Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer for Flight Simulator

While we’re still waiting for Just Flight to release their PA-28R Arrow for MSFS, the dev studio has now announced they’re working on a new type of aircraft for MSFS: the Hawk T1, a British jet trainer that was first introduced in the ’70s.

Just Flight is building this new aircraft in-house, certainly taking advantage of their previous work with this same airplane for X-Plane, FSX, P3D, and Aerofly. Just Flight says they are now committed to a strategy of bringing a variety of different aircraft genres to the new Flight Simulator.

When it comes to the Hawk T1, the announcement came with a fair share of images that show very good progress in both interior and exterior modeling and texturing. Just Flight confirmed just that, stating that work on the graphical front is mostly complete, and now the programming will begin, expecting that to progress quickly over the next couple of months.

The Just Flight Hawk T1 is a popular and very well-reviewed aircraft on the other platforms, so it’s exciting to see it coming to MSFS. The developers are promising a very detailed rendition of the aircraft, with realistic systems, wear and tear, weapons configurations, liveries, and more.

Speaking of liveries, you’ll have access to the famous RAF Red Arrows paint scheme, possibly the most well-known Hawk T1’s in the world. But there will be others, representing some of the countries that fly the airplane, such as Finland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and obviously the UK, with several RAF liveries.

Just Flight shared quite a few details about the aircraft, which you can check on the official development page. We will keep a close eye on the development of this beautiful jet and let you know about any further news. In the meantime, if this is your kind of bird, make sure to check out the excellent Aermacchi MB-339!