Airfoillabs releases first aircraft for MSFS, the BRISTELL B23

Airfoillabs may not ring any bell for recent flight simulation enthusiasts, especially those exclusively dedicated to Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, those with some experience in X-Plane may find the name familiar. After all, Airfoillabs created some superb airplanes for that platform, such as the Kind Air 350 or the C172.

With the growing popularity of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and following community feedback, Airfoillabs decided to jump on the bandwagon and surprised us, this week, with their first aircraft for MSFS. It may not be one of the beloved airframes from a previous launch on X-Plane, but it’s nonetheless an interesting airplane: the BRISTELL B23.

The BRISTELL B23 is a Czech light airplane, particularly well-suited for flight training and touring. It’s an elegant machine, capable of carrying pilot and passenger in comfort since it has one of the roomiest cabins in its class. It’s powered by a 100hp Rotax 912 engine, climbs up to 14.000 feet, and cruises at 136 knots.

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 3

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 2

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 1

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 12

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 11

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 10

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 9

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 8

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 7

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 6

Airfoillabs Bristell b23 MSFS 5

Simmers will find what appears to be a nicely detailed model inside and out. In the cockpit, two Garmin G3x touch screens provide a modern flying experience, along with the included autopilot.

Airfoillabs is sparse in details about the product, but it seems to closely follow the real-world features of the BRISTELL B23. After all, this rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the result of a year and a half of close collaboration between the team of developers and the manufacturer.

The Airfoillabs BRISTELL B23 is available now for MSFS, exclusively through the Marketplace. Xbox users will be happy to know that this aircraft is available for the console as well, besides the usual availability on PC. It’s priced at a fairly reasonable €24.99.

Small light airplanes continue to be extremely popular in MSFS, as we continue to see today with the release of both the BRISTELL B23 and the TB-30 Epsilon. As usual, we’ll continue to bring you all the latest news about new releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator, across all categories of aircraft!