FlyByWire publishes Beginner’s Guide for the A32NX

FlyByWire’s modification of the stock A320neo, the very popular A32NX, is certainly the most popular airliner currently available for Flight Simulator. Competition is definitely closing in, especially from the highly promising Fenix Simulations A320, but being free will always benefit the A32NX.

The A32NX is a relatively complex airplane, with a continuous development cycle that keeps adding new features and even more complexity. Many experienced pilots can quickly get a grip of what the airplane is capable to do, but those used to flying smaller planes can often find themselves confused by the sheer amount of buttons and switches. How can this thing be even started?

Well, thankfully there are many tutorials on YouTube that are very useful to learn how to operate the A32NX, and now FlyByWire is adding even more support for those wanting to learn everything there is to know about the aircraft. The team has recently published a very handy Beginner’s Guide that includes detailed information about the different stages of flight, from starting the aircraft to planning an approach and ILS landing, until finally powering it down to close the day.

It’s a detailed guide that makes extensive use of images to help identify where all the buttons and switches are, which should definitely be very helpful for those unfamiliar with the A320’s flight deck. It was even reviewed by real A320 pilots involved with the project, to ensure that everything it says is accurate.

This Beginner’s Guide should prove to be a very useful companion to the growing number of videos that FlyByWire has been producing for its Youtube channel. The team has promised to keep it updated as new features are added and new information for beginners becomes relevant. Remember, this is a beginner’s guide, aimed at those more familiar with GA airplanes. In the meantime, FlyByWire is also working on a more detailed documentation for more “ambitious” simmers.