Carenado announces Cessna 337 Skymaster for Flight Simulator

Carenado is bringing one of its beloved classics to MSFS. The C337 Skymaster, a twin-engine civil aircraft famous for its push-pull configuration, will soon land in Flight Simulator for the joy of many virtual pilots.

The Skymaster is one of the most interesting GA airplanes around. With an unusual configuration that sees one engine sitting and the front pulling the aircraft and another in the back as a pusher, the Skymaster has some of the advantages of a standard twin-engine airplane (the added safety when losing an engine) without some of the drawbacks (no yaw towards the single-running engine).

Carenado unveiled today the first images of its Skymaster, showcasing the typical remarkable visual detail of its models for MSFS. They seem to be getting even better with each iteration, and the Skymaster is looking particularly remarkable both inside and out. The detailed exterior textures are only rivaled by a gorgeous interior where the seats look incredibly realistic. It looks like a brand new airplane, a sterile machine that contrasts with other approaches such as Just Flight’s, who have been putting out some well-used (but arguably more authentic) airplane models for MSFS.

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 10

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 9

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 8

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 7

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 5

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 4

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 3

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 2

Carenado C337 Skymaster MSFS 1

The Skymaster from Carenado was very popular in FSX, so there’s no reason to expect otherwise with this new updated version for MSFS. Other than the beautiful teaser images, Carenado isn’t providing any additional details, but they typically don’t take long to release an aircraft after first revealing it.

We reckon this will be very sought after and it’s probably one of the most wished-for from Carenado’s portfolio. They seem determined to bring all their stuff to MSFS! While we wait for further updates about the release of the C337 Skymaster, what other classic Carenado’s aircraft would you like to see in MSFS?