This freeware Alpha Jet is still under development but is already looking good. Try it now!

There aren’t yet many freeware airplanes for MSFS, so we get our hands on what we can get. This freeware Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet is still very much in development, but it’s already looking very good, and you can try it right now!

The Alpha Jet is a sleek, light attack jet that has been adopted by many air forces around the world. Even though it was introduced in the 70’s, it’s still in active service, particularly as a trainer.

Now, some independent developers have assembled under the BlueMesh moniker to create the first Alpha Jet for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, and they’re already letting any virtual test pilot test it. It’s a task for the brave, given that there’s no instruments yet, so you’re basically flying by feeling and instinct. But the external model os gorgeous, and flies very well already!

Currently the team is working on the cockpit, flight model and external improvements, and are happy to get any feedback from the community. There’s an official Discord where you can ask questions and give suggestions, and updates are coming steadily.

Feel free to try it, it’s worth it just for the eye candy. It looks beautiful!

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