Aerosoft releases Bonaire International Airport for Flight Simulator

Aerosoft has released Bonaire’s International Airport (TNCB) for MSFS. Jo Erlend Sund was the developer behind the recreation of this small airport in the Caribbean, which is a popular holiday destination and a stopover for some KML long-haul flights.

Bonaire island used to be a Spanish colony, but it has been under Netherlands’ rule since the sixteenth century.

Bonaire Airport was developed with the help of thousands of real images from the location, from which detailed building models and textures were created. There’s also a realistic night lightning environment and some animations that help bring some life to the airport.

Aerosoft’s Bonaire Airport is now available for around 12€ / $14.

Main Features:

  • Highly detailed and realistic recreation of Flamingo International Airport (TNCB)
  • Detailed recreation of Bonaire International Airport (TNCB)
  • Highly detailed and accurate models & textures based on thousands of on-site images.
  • Custom orthographic images covering the airport and close vicinity.
  • Realistic dynamic night lighting.
  • Interior model included for airport Terminal.
  • Ambient passenger animations bring the airport to life
  • Various other ambient animations, such as flags
  • Custom windsock model.
  • Custom taxiway signage to match its real-world counterpart.
  • Also included is Bonaire’s old control tower.

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