Aerosachs releases the Tecnam P2010 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aerosachs, in collaboration with developer Eraldo Sammuri (also known as ‘erasam’), has released a new aircraft from the Italian manufacturer Tecnam. Following the release of the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic just over a year ago, the team is now bringing the P2010 model to Microsoft Flight Simulator. This sleek, single-engine aircraft first took to the skies in 2012 and has since been a notable contender in its category, celebrated for its sleek design and performance.

The Tecnam P2010 distinguishes itself with a composite fuselage that embodies a modern approach to aircraft design, striving for efficiency, comfort, and stability. This aircraft not only delivers impressive performance, with a maximum cruise speed of up to 146 knots and a range of up to 1050 nm, but also prioritizes comfort and ease of flight. These attributes make it an appealing option for both family use and flight training programs.

For Microsoft Flight Simulator simmers, the Tecnam P2010 by Aerosachs and erasam promises a faithful representation of the aircraft. See below for a summary of the features included in this product.

Tecnam P2010 MSFS 7.jpg

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Tecnam P2010 MSFS 1.jpg

Features Overview


  • Fully animated and realistic 3D cockpit with multiple internal views (Pilot, Copilot, Close, and Landing).
  • Detailed Garmin G1000 (PFD and MFD dual configuration) and EFB for various settings adjustments.
  • Interactive and fully working Breakers panel.
  • Comprehensive instrument and panel lighting system, along with operational cabin lights.
  • All aircraft doors and emergency exits are functional, with animations tied to airspeed limitations.
  • Handling yokes for Pilot and Copilot feature manual and automatic visibility adjustments, with functional buttons on the Pilot yoke.
  • Rudder switch trim and elevator wheel pitch trim are accessible and animated.

External Features

  • Animated movable surfaces (ailerons, flaps, rudder, rudder trim, elevator, elevator trim) responding to pilot or autopilot inputs.
  • Animated central steering gear and operational pilot and co-pilot doors.
  • Fully functional lighting system including landing/taxi lights, navigation lights, beacon, and strobe.
  • External static elements (GPU, Pitot tube cover, Towbar, Wheel chocks, Tie downs wing ropes) are displayed contextually based on engine and parking brake status.


  • Offers settings for interior and exterior customization, including copilot, passengers, baggage visibility, and static elements.
  • Settings are saved and restored at the beginning of each flight.


  • A fully interactive checklist following the official Flight Manual’s structure aids pilots through different flight stages.

Aircraft Performance

  • Flight model tested by real pilots to closely match the real aircraft’s behavior, providing a “real as it gets” experience.

The P2010 adds to a growing list of Tecnam aircraft already available for the simulator. This includes not only the P92 by the same developers but also, notably, FlightSim Studio’s renditions of the P2012 and P2006.

If the Tecnam P2010 piques your interest, it is now available for purchase through Simmarket, priced at approximately €20.