FlightSim Studio AG releases the Tecnam P2012 Traveller for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FlightSim Studio AG (FSS) is back with a new aircraft release for Microsoft Flight Simulator and, this time, it’s another from the Tecnam family. Arguably more known for their Embraer E-Jets series (the E170 and E175 have been available since early this year, while the E195 should be just around the corner), FSS has also released a rather comprehensive model of the Tecnam P2006T MKII. This time, the team brings us their detailed rendition of the Tecnam P2012 Traveller, which comes with an impressive list of features!

The Tecnam P2012 Traveller, modeled after its real-world counterpart developed by Italian manufacturer Construzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam, is a multi-purpose utility aircraft known for its versatility and efficiency. FlightSim Studio AG’s rendition attempts to capture the essence of this modern aircraft, offering users a highly detailed and accurate simulation.

FlightSim Studio, in partnership with Alpen Air, has now recreated this machine for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is a collaborative effort that saw real-world pilots advising on the project, ensuring the virtual P2012’s systems and flight behavior mirror the real deal as closely as possible. 

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FlightSim Studio promises impressive visuals with the P2012, with detailed 3D models and high-resolution textures. The level of realism extends to the sound environment, crafted from comprehensive recording sessions with the actual aircraft. Every switch click, every engine roar, is captured to provide an immersive auditory experience.

Customization and versatility are also at the core of this project. The P2012 comes with five cabin configurations: Airline, Combi, Medevac, Cargo, and Skydive, providing a range of options to suit various virtual flying missions. Simmers will also find a customized G1000NXi, electronic engine control, and accurate electric systems based on the Aircraft Flight Manual.

This simulation also includes FlightSim Studio’s Mission Hub, with missions based on real-world operators, further enhancing the realism and immersion of the flight experience. It’s an extension of the same feature set recently introduced in their P2006T.

Another standout feature of this add-on is the interactive walkaround. This feature allows pilots to engage with various aspects of the aircraft before flight, such as inspecting the chocks, tie-downs, control surfaces, pitot covers, and propellers.

Those looking for a realistic flying experience with this aircraft will be happy to know that the flight dynamics of the Tecnam P2012 have been carefully crafted by a real pilot, ensuring that the handling and performance closely mimic the real aircraft.

Complementing these features is FlightSim Studio’s comprehensive online documentation. This includes a detailed training guide and performance data, providing pilots with the necessary information to master the aircraft. Additionally, a 40-minute video documentary offers an in-depth look at the real Tecnam P2012, covering its operations and procedures. This educational content is invaluable for both new and experienced sim pilots, offering insights into the intricacies of flying the Tecnam P2012.

The release of the Tecnam P2012 Traveller by FlightSim Studio AG is quite an addition to the list of aircraft available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s very detailed, authentic, and comes packed with cool features!

The Tecnam P2012 Traveller is now available for purchase for €40 EUR, with plans for wider availability through the Microsoft online store in the future.

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