News from FlightSim Studio: Tecnam P2012 announced, Embraer E195 launching in a few weeks

FlightSim Studio has shared a couple of very interesting and important news about its immediate future. The team is getting ready for a busy end of year, with the launch of two aircraft: the Tecnam P2012, a brand new development, and the Embraer E195, a part of their E-Jets family for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Tecnam P2012 Traveller

The Tecnam P2012 Traveller is a twin-engined aircraft known for its commendable speed, fuel efficiency, and versatility. It’s the second Tecnam airplane developed by FSS, following the P2006T.

FlightSim Studio, in partnership with Alpen Air, is now on a journey to recreate this machine for the virtual skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is a collaborative effort that sees real-world pilots advising on the project, ensuring the virtual P2012’s systems and flight behavior mirror the real deal as closely as possible.

FlightSim Studio promises impressive visuals with the P2012, with detailed 3D models and high-resolution textures. The level of realism extends to the sound environment, crafted from comprehensive recording sessions with the actual aircraft. Every switch click, every engine roar, is captured to provide an immersive auditory experience. The team published a video that takes us on a behind-the-scenes look into this work with a real-world aircraft.

Customization and versatility are also at the core of this project. The P2012 will come with five cabin configurations: Airline, Combi, Medevac, Cargo, and Skydive, providing a range of options to suit various virtual flying missions. Simmers will also find of a customized G1000, electronic engine control, and accurate electric systems based on the Aircraft Flight Manual.

The simulation also promises an engaging Mission Hub, with missions based on real-world operators, further enhancing the realism and immersion of the flight experience. It’s an extension of the same feature set recently introduced in their P2006T.

FSS is planning to release the P2012 later this year for both PC and Xbox.

FSS e195 MSFS 3

FSS e195 MSFS 1

FSS e195 MSFS 4

FSS e195 MSFS 2

The E195

FlightSim Studio has also recently posted a development update regarding its E-Jets project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This series of aircraft, which debuted with the E170 and E175 models earlier this year, is about to turn into a new chapter with the imminent release of the longer E195 variant of the popular regional airliner.

The E195 was initially targeted for an October release, but the studio has now shifted the timeline to the end of November or beginning of December to ensure the inclusion of the Steep Approach function in the release. This feature is deemed crucial for the E195 model, and the studio is committed to integrating it despite the shifted timeline.

The E195 model will be released as a separate product, with the E190 model to follow as a free update for E195 customers. This approach is aimed at maintaining a positive cash flow for ongoing development projects.