Got Friends releases Avitar, a collection of real-world-inspired custom characters for MSFS

Building on their reputation for exceptional aircraft simulations, the Got Friends team continues to push the envelope with innovative add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Today, they release their latest creation for the MSFS community: Avitar. This new offering is a collection of character models that expands on the success of their earlier freeware mod, “Man’s Best Friend,” which delighted simmers by adding animated co-pilot dogs and cats to the virtual cockpit.

Avitar introduces custom character models known as, you guessed it, “Avitars“, which are highly detailed and fully support chain animations. This feature allows these characters to interact with aircraft controls such as yokes, rudder pedals, and throttles in a realistic manner. Avitars are compatible with any aircraft in MSFS, provided the developers have added the necessary support.

Prior to its release, the mod was tested extensively with various aircraft from developers like Flying Iron Simulations, Touching Cloud, and A2A, seemingly with great results. This can be seen in action in the short teaser video below:

Avitar is available in three packs:

  1. Avitar Streamer: This pack includes models of six MSFS community streamers, enabling simmers to fly as or with characters like TwoToneMurphy, FordorLearnToFly, and others. This pack is available for free.
  2. Avitar Valor: This payware pack, priced at $4.99, features a fictional squadron of six World War II aces, fulfilling a community request for warbird pilots.
  3. Avitar Man’s Best Friend: This pack reintroduces the previously de-listed freeware with new companions to fly with, including six new cats and one new dog, as requested by the community.

Got Friends has also mentioned plans for a Marketplace release for the Valor and Man’s Best Friend packs, allowing Xbox Series S/X players to enjoy Avitars as well.

The Got Friends Avitar Series is out now via the team’s website. This is definitely a cool little mod that may just make your cockpit quite a bit more interesting, an opportunity to get rid of the ubiquitous Asobo characters and fly around with someone more akin to a real-life person!

Got Friends Avitar MSFS 1 scaled