Blackbird Simulations teases development of iconic A6M Zero for MSFS, calls for expert input

In an exciting new tease to the Microsoft Flight Simulator community, Blackbird Simulations has hinted at the development of the historic Mitsubishi A6M Zero, a revered Japanese fighter aircraft from the World War II era.

The announcement came through a social media post where the development team extended an invitation to A6M Zero experts to join them in this ambitious venture, which increases once more the impressive lineup of aircraft currently in development by Blackbird, which includes the Texan T-6A, the SR-71, the C-130, the Huey, and more!

The A6M Zero, known for its agility and the pivotal role it played in the Pacific theater, holds a distinctive place in aviation history. Its virtual incarnation in MSFS is eagerly anticipated, and with Blackbird Simulations at the helm, expectations are set high.

Mitsubishi Zero
The Zero is one of the most iconic fighters of WWII.

Blackbird Simulations has carved a niche for itself with its attention to detail and the authentic portrayal of aircraft in the virtual world of Flight Simulator. The specifics regarding the development timeline or the features of the A6M Zero model have not been disclosed yet, but it seems we’re looking at a high-fidelity rendition of the Zero in pure Blackbird (former Milviz) style, rather than a more simplistic approach set by their Shrike Simulations sub-brand.

This initial tease has certainly whetted the appetite of MSFS enthusiasts who are keen on exploring the skies in this iconic warbird. For now, we’ll keep an eye on upcoming updates regarding this project, alongside other exciting news we’re expecting to share with you soon about Blackbird’s other projects. Stay tuned!