New images of Aerosoft’s CRJ show incredible texture details made possible by MSFS

In another very interesting “insider” testimony from Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok, today we have the opportunity to see some new images of the upcoming CRJ Series, and they are some of the first that show the actual level of detail that we can expect from this upcoming release.

Mathijs talked about how the decals used in MSFS allow some unprecedented levels of detail, by enabling textures to be “glued” on top of each other. No longer do developers need to create single high resolution textures, which are more taxing to simmers’ hardware, because by using decals details can be added on top of surface textures. This means that the level of detail is not limited by technical limitations, but by how long people work on it.

The images Mathijs shared show very small bits that are only some millimeters wide, with countless rivets and bolts across the aircraft surface texture, although many of the parts shown do not yet have bump mapping for 3D effect.

The CRJ is currently in very active development and is expected to release in the coming months. Mathijs has recently said that a release date this year is possible, but unlikely, and is pending some SDK improvements that will allow some breakthrough in the project’s development. Therefore, a release earlier in 2021 is possible.

Here we share some of the revealed images, but to see them in their full glory go check the original post at the Aerosoft’s Forum.

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