Blackbird Simulations shows off the stunning cockpit of its Texan T-6A for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Blackbird Simulations, the team formerly known as Milviz, is bringing new levels of excitement to the list of upcoming aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator with its Texan T-6A, the powerful military trainer that is being developed with high-fidelity visuals, systems’ simulation, and flight dynamics. After the official announcement last month, Blackbird shared today a couple of gorgeous preview images that showcase the impeccable modeling and texturing work that is being made with regard to the T-6’s cockpit.

The first thing that strikes you about the preview images is the incredible realism. The cockpit doesn’t just look pristine and fresh off the factory; it looks lived-in, a quality that’s often missing in many flight sim models. The surfaces are textured with scratches, wear, and tear, giving the impression of an aircraft that has seen countless hours in the air. This T-6 will be a true veteran of the skies!

Blackbird Simulations Texan T 6 MSFS 1

Blackbird Simulations Texan T 6 MSFS 2

The texturing work is particularly noteworthy. It feels authentic and real. The chipped paint on the canopy handle and metal sides, the wear patterns on the floor, and the various levels of scratching seen throughout the surfaces, all contribute to a sense of realism that’s often sought but rarely achieved.

Blackbird seems to be approaching the final stages of development of this project. Their message accompanying the preview images hints at the team being focused on “finalizing” this airplane: “We’re full steam ahead finalizing this kick-ass bird, and can’t wait for you guys to experience it!“, Blackbird shared on their Facebook profile.

Blackbird is still keeping their mouth shut regarding a release date and pricing for the Texan T-6A, but we reckon it shouldn’t be too far off. Still, we never know, so this may well end up coming within a few months rather than weeks. As always, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned!