Fenix2GSX brings full automated integration between the Fenix A320 and GSX Pro

For many Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts who take on the role of airliner pilots, GSX Pro has become an indispensable add-on. It elevates the realism and immersion of the pre-flight and post-flight stages, enriching the overall airport experience with a host of engaging features.

While GSX Pro is undeniably robust, some simmers prefer a more hands-off approach. They’d rather minimize their interaction with the app to concentrate on the in-cockpit experience during their MSFS sessions. For those flying the Fenix A320, there’s a perfect solution that marries convenience with functionality: the freeware plugin Fenix2GSX. This tool automates and synchronizes operations between the Fenix A320 and GSX, allowing you to enjoy the best of both add-ons.

With Fenix2GSX, the refueling service, for instance, is perfectly in sync between GSX and the Fenix A320, filling your tanks exactly as planned. The same goes for boarding and deboarding, where passengers and cargo are loaded and unloaded seamlessly. This meticulous attention to detail eliminates the need for manual input, allowing you to focus on what matters most – flying.

fenix a320 gsx fenis2gsx msfs 1

Beyond the basics, Fenix2GSX offers a plethora of advanced features that set it apart. Ground equipment like GPU, chocks, and PCA are automatically set or removed, depending on your flight stage. This means no more fumbling around with menus or forgetting to remove the chocks before pushback. The app also syncs in real-time with the Fenix EFB, such as the passenger count during boarding. As passengers board the aircraft, the number displayed in the EFB will increase, matching your pre-planned figures.

Almost all service calls can be automated. Once you’ve imported your route and pilot brief, Fenix2GSX will automatically calculate the amount of fuel needed and begin the fueling process. Catering services are also automatically called, making the entire pre-flight process more streamlined. This level of automation can be a godsend for those who want to focus solely on flying.

Fenix2GSX is intuitive, accessible from the system tray, and comes with tooltips for each option to guide you. All settings are stored persistently, allowing you to set them once to your preference. The level of automation is up to you; you can choose to automate as much or as little as you like. For instance, if you prefer to control when services are called, you can still enjoy the boarding and refueling synchronization with automation options disabled.

Fenix2GSX offers multiple ways to start, whether manually or automatically. For those who own a registered copy of FSUIPC, Fenix2GSX can be started automatically through that. Alternatively, you can use the Simulator’s exe.xml or even custom scripts. This flexibility makes it adaptable to various user preferences and setups. Fenix2GSX also has built-in detection for starting with engines running, meaning it won’t provide any departure service apart from removing the ground equipment.

For those flying on VATSIM or IVAO, it’s recommended to disable the automatic jetway operation before loading the session in MSFS, especially if you need to move to another gate.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy the Fenix A320 and GSX even more, Fenix2GSX is well worth the download. It’s not just about making your life easier; it’s about enriching your experience with a more seamless interaction with ground services, making each flight more realistic, more immersive, and more enjoyable.

Fenix2GSX is available for free from GitHub. There you’ll also find rich information about how to install and use the app.