Blackbird Simulations announces the Texan T-6A, a new military trainer for MSFS

Blackbird Simulations (formerly known as Milviz) spent the last few days teasing the announcement of a new aircraft project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After leaving the community wondering about what they are adding to the already long list of aircraft the team is working on, the secret is now out: it’s the Texan T-6A ADV. Note that the “ADV” isn’t any particular model of the Texan T-6 II, but rather Blackbird’s own label for an “Advanced” rendition of the airplane with high-fidelity graphics, systems, and flight dynamics.

This new project was unveiled through a short video that simply shows the Texan T-6 II zooming by, followed by a “Coming Soon” message. And that’s the gist of it! No further details for now, but Blackbird promises more updates “soon”.

The Texan T-6A II is a primary trainer for the U.S. military. Its sturdy design, combined with cutting-edge avionics, makes it the go-to for training up-and-coming pilots. The T-6A II, based on the Pilatus PC-9, serves as a stepping stone, transitioning newbie aviators into seasoned pros ready for more intricate aircraft and missions.

Worth mentioning, this isn’t the first time the Texan T-6A II is making its way to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Just a few weeks back, IRIS Simulations dropped news of their own version. It’s a tad unfortunate that these two talented devs are eyeing the same bird. Sometimes, it’s impossible to know what the other guy’s up to, and overlaps happen. Here’s hoping there’s enough room in the market for both “Texans” and that both teams see the rewards for their hard work!

Blackbird Texan T 6A II ADV MSFS 4

Blackbird Texan T 6A II ADV MSFS 3

Blackbird Texan T 6A II ADV MSFS 2

Blackbird Texan T 6A II ADV MSFS 5

Anyhow, that’s the scoop for now. We’ll be back with more as Blackbird spills the beans. Stay on the lookout!