Lionheart Creations announces the Bucker Bu-131B “Jungmann” for MSFS

Lionheart Creations has been very quiet since the release of the Quickie Q200 in August. The curious little airplane was the second release of Lionheart for MSFS, after the more conventional Trinidad TB-21 GT earlier in the year. Now that 2021 is coming to an end, the developer has finally unveiled what he’s been working on for the last few months: the Bucker Bu-131B!

The Bucker Bu-131 was a German biplane trainer that was used by the Luftwaffe during WWII. It was actually the last biplane to be built in Germany, and about 200 still survive to this day with private owners.

This is a true classic of European aviation from the 1930s, and ended up being licensed for production in other countries. The model under development by Lionheart Creations is the Swiss Do-Bu-131B, with modifications from the era such as a stack exhaust, CASA tachometer, front-mounted instruments, and more.

Lionheart Creations is planning to release a good variety of external paint schemes, 14 in total. As for the interior, three different levels of upholstery leather will be available. 

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 10

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 8

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 7

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 6

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 5

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 4

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 3

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 2

Bucker bu 131 MSFS 1

Along with this announcement, Lionheart also revealed the first images of the Bucker Bu-131B in MSFS. These provide a first look into some of the liveries that will be available, as well as the possible variations inside the cockpit.

The developer says his new airplane will be on sale soon, although no precise date has been revealed yet for the release. Once that happens, the Bucker Bu-131B will join a still small category of biplanes in MSFS, which currently counts with the likes of the Nieuport 17, the Boeing Stearman, the Dorand AR.1, or the Waco YMF-5.

Looking for some ideas to take this upcoming new biplane on some adventures in MSFS? Look no further than exploring the improved scenery of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Bucker’s home region, which was the target of World Update VI with a comprehensive and free scenery upgrade.