IRIS Simulations announces the T-6 Texan II for Microsoft Flight Simulator

IRIS Simulations is back with a new military training aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After launching the PC-21 in October, the Australian developer has now announced the impending arrival of the T-6 Texan II, a trainer aircraft based on the Pilatus PC-9, which is also in the developer’s roadmap for MSFS.

The T-6 Texan II is a single-engined turboprop aircraft primarily used as a trainer for the United States Air Force and Navy. It is well-known for its agility and reliability, making it an ideal aircraft to prepare pilots for a diverse array of military aircraft.

You’ve asked for it!” the team stated on the IRIS Simulations Facebook page. “The IRIS Texan II will be coming to MSFS soon(tm)!“. In the same announcement, they also opened a call for experts on the Texan II to join in the testing and evaluation phase of the aircraft’s development. “We’ll be reaching out for subject matter experts to assist in the testing and evaluation phase by the end of the month. So keep your ears open!” they stated.

IRIS Simulations Texan II MSFS 3

IRIS Simulations Texan II MSFS 2

This invitation indicates the company’s commitment to ensuring an accurate and high-fidelity representation of the T-6 Texan II, even though it’s unclear at this point what the project’s scope and goals are.

No specific timeline has been released yet for the T-6 Texan II’s development, but it’s apparently coming “soon”. As the project unfolds, we will continue to share with you any updates from IRIS Simulations about this aircraft. In the meantime, enjoy the first three preview shots of the Texan II in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which showcase the external model and provide a glimpse into the nighttime cockpit environment.