Pilatus PC-9 and PC-24 coming to MSFS as IRIS Simulations gets official license from manufacturer

Great news for fans of Pilatus Aircraft! IRIS Simulations has announced that it has reached an agreement with Pilatus Aircraft Ltd to provide officially licensed versions of the Pilatus PC-9 and PC-24 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

IRIS Simulations does have these two airplanes on its portfolio, albeit for FSX and P3D. Actually, they are no longer available at this time for those simulators, possibly a sign of some licensing issues, but this appears to be taken care of when it comes to bringing the PC-9 and PC-24 to MSFS.

The developers talk about producing “recreational renditions” of both Pilatus airplanes for MSFS, possibly a sign that neither will be an extremely in-depth simulation. The only airplane that IRIS has released for MSFS so far is the Jabiru, a simple machine that is nowhere near close to the complexity of the PC-24. The PC-24 is a modern light business jet, a category that is in dire need of some additional options in Flight Simulator.

Pilatus IRIS Simulations MSFS

Besides the licensing deal announcement, IRIS Simulations didn’t provide any information about the development status of any of these products, although it’s certain that they will be available to both PC and Xbox versions of MSFS once they are released. Note that the image above belongs to the P3D version of the aircraft, since no images are available at this moment from the MSFS version.

Hopefully, with this deal, IRIS Simulations will be able to create great renditions of Pilatus airplanes for MSFS. These include some tough legends such as the Porter PC-6, the PC-12, which we can only hope will be coming after the PC-9 and the PC-24.

On a side note, the PC-6 is actually under development for MSFS right now by FlightSimGames. It’s a promising project that will hopefully come to fruition soon. In any case, seeing that Pilatus will be in MSFS in the future is great news, given the popularity of many of the Swiss manufacturer’s airframes.