Pilatus Porter PC-6 coming to MSFS – Early Look

STOL fanatics, rejoice! We have been following this one for a month, and since we know many of you will love hearing about it, here’s a very early look into the Pilatus Porter PC-6 that is under development by FlightSimGames. This is a project that is progressing at a daily pace, with the developers sharing their work on the official Flight Simulator Forums.

The PC-6 needs no introduction to most aviation fans. It’s one of those legendary STOL aircraft that can seemingly go anywhere, often to places where only helicopters can go. Powered by a single turboprop engine, it’s fully capable of operating in rough airstrips, harsh climates, high altitudes, and in all weather conditions.

FlightSimGames are now working on bringing this legend to Flight Simulator, and progress seems to be moving fast. With almost daily updates, the developers have been sharing the aesthetic evolution of the airplane, with the 3D model on both the exterior and the interior.

Pilatus Porter PC 6 MSFS 3 edited

The exterior model is where most progress has been done so far, and the team seems to be focused now on the cockpit and on a new high-fidelity flight model that is being built from scratch. This will include propeller drag, parasitic drag, lift-induced drag, Oswald efficiency number, and more. The team is aiming to make their PC-6 as realistic as possible!

Another cool addition will be the support for the brilliant GTN750 mod, thus allowing for more intuitive use of the avionics package. But other avionics options will also be available. You will also have the choice between two variants, the standard wheeled version and also an amphibious.

Most of the visible work has been on the visual aspects of the PC-6. This is the easiest part, of course. The programming will be a completely different beast, so we will have to see how the team will be able to keep up with the project after that phase starts. We have seen a few developers giving up on their projects after the initial work on the visuals of an airplane, so let’s hope FlightSimGames is able to take their PC-6 into a fully realized project.

Pilatus Porter PC 6 MSFS 1

Curious about an estimated time of arrival? It’s totally unclear at this point, with a lot of work still to do. However, there are some hints for a release by the end of this year. This will also be a paid aircraft, but pricing is not yet been revealed.

This is definitely a very cool project to keep following, and we will make sure to let you know about any significant updates from now on. Together with Aerosoft’s Twin Otter, this is one of the most exciting STOL airplanes coming to MSFS, and we’re certain that many of you are eager to get your hands on them!