Carenado PA34T Seneca V receives first update, including GTN 750 support

Carenado have updated their latest airplane for MSFS, the Seneca V, with a series of fixes and a great new feature: the excellent PMS50 GTN 750 mod is now supported, and can be activated through the Seneca’s tablet.

Most of the fixes on this version 1.1 are related to the visual aspects of the aircraft. For instance, lighting has now improved overall, with better placements and illumination effects. There are also fixes in how some liveries are displayed, and on the passenger window edges.

The highlight of this update is definitely the integration of the GTN 750 mod, a very easy-to-use and intuitive avionics package that has become very popular over the last few weeks. Many third-party developers are adding support to it on their aircraft (Just Flight added it to their Arrow III), and it’s great to see Carenado jumping on the bandwagon.

Carenado GTN 750 MSFS 2

In fact, it’s not just the Seneca V that is getting the GTN 750. The Arrow III, Seminole, and the Mooney have also been updated to include the GTN 750 and are now available on the Marketplace with this new version.

As for the Seneca’s more comprehensive 1.1 update, you can read below the entire changelog:

  • Added PMS50 GTN 750 integration option (in tablet).
  • Fixed wing ice light focus position.
  • Fixed oxygen gauge consumption rate.
  • Fixed registration number not displayed in the panel.
  • Fixed errors in some liveries.
  • Fixed passenger window edges.
  • Fixed NAV lights position.
  • Fixed dome light to illuminate the instrument panel more directly.
  • Fixed landing/taxi displaying spotlight effect after the electric current is cut.
  • Fixed heading bug not displayed in night lightning panel.
  • Reduced fuel pump sound volume.
  • Improved cockpit camera view angle.
  • Minor bug fixes.