Carenado releases the P34T Seneca V for Flight Simulator

Carenado has developed a sort of release strategy that is working like clockwork. Announce an aircraft when it’s nearly ready, share a few additional images a week later, and then launch it a few days after that. It’s a predictable path that anyone can appreciate – no needless hype for months without an actual release. And they did the same now with their brand new Seneca V for MSFS, now available for purchase in the Marketplace.

The Seneca V is certainly one of the most interesting releases from Carenado, who are now on their sixth airplane for MSFS. Being a twin-engine, it poses as a sort of upgrade to many pilots who are used to flying the single-engined Carenado planes, like the Mooney or the Arrow III.

The Seneca V is a very IFR-capable machine, here recreated by Carenado not with the most modern G1000 avionics, but with the more “charming” steam gauges and GNS 530 and 430. The developers have also included a weather radar with horizontal and vertical profiles.

Typically from Carenado, we’re looking at a very pretty airplane, with high-resolution textures inside and out and a very detailed 3D model. This eye-candy is something Carenado hardly ever fails to deliver, but the way the aircraft behaves and performs is what’s going to make a difference here, and that’s where Carenado has faced the most criticism over the years. First impressions seem positive though, with initial buyers giving some praises to the flight model and the sounds, which is definitely promising. But let us know in the comments below how your experience has been with the Seneca V!

As usual with Carenado releases, the P34T Seneca V is now available through the MSFS Marketplace, and will set you back $29.99 / 29.99€.