A new Cessna is out for MSFS: Sim Federation releases the Corvalis TTx

What’s better for a weekend dive into Microsoft Flight Simulator than the launch of a new aircraft? That’s precisely the treat we’re getting with Sim Federation’s sophomore venture into aircraft development for MSFS, following their debut with the Phenom 300E. This time, it’s the Cessna Corvalis TTx, which holds the title of Cessna’s swiftest single-engined piston—though, unfortunately, it’s no longer rolling off the production lines.

When you see a TTx you may think: that’s not a Cessna, it’s a Cirrus! The similarities are uncanny, but it is, in fact, a Cessna. Originally crafted by Columbia Aircraft as the Columbia 400, it was rebranded as the Cessna 400 after Cessna acquired the company in 2007. Later on, it adopted the TTx moniker. Alas, dwindling sales led to its production halt in 2018.

Cessna Corvalis TTx MSFS 4

Cessna Corvalis TTx MSFS 2

Cessna Corvalis TTx MSFS 3

Cessna Corvalis TTx MSFS 5

Sim Federation is resurrecting this speedy bird in Microsoft Flight Simulator, boasting meticulously detailed external and internal models adorned with 4K and 8K textures. While the specifics regarding features and simulation depth remain under wraps, don’t anticipate an overly intricate simulation. The preview snapshots are certainly eye-catching, but early feedback suggests a moderate level of immersion.

Nevertheless, the Cessna TTx stands out as a captivating aircraft. For simmers with a soft spot for it, this release might just tick all the right boxes. It’s swift, stylish, and packed with modern tech—a stark contrast to the ubiquitous Cessna models that dot the global skies.

For those intrigued, the Sim Federation Cessna Corvalis TTx is up for grabs on simMarket, with a price tag hovering around $20 USD.