Cowan Simulations launches the Bell 206L3, a stretched variant of the Bell 206 helicopter

Cowan Simulation, known for its growing selection of helicopters for MSFS, which includes the H125, the MD500E, and the 206B3, is back with a new helicopter release. This time, the developer picked on his work on the 206B3 and created the stretched variant, the Bell 206L3.

The Bell 206L3, also known as the LongRanger III, is a larger and more powerful version of the Bell 206B3, with increased passenger capacity and improved performance characteristics. This iconic helicopter is well-suited for a variety of roles, from private transportation to search and rescue operations.

Cowan Simulation’s release of the Bell 206B3, late last year, featured visually striking graphics, an extensive library of 75 liveries, realistic systems and flight dynamics, along with a Wwise sound pack. The new 206L3 seems to closely follow the same product philosophy and is expected to feature the same level of attention to detail and quality. Helicopter pilots in MSFS can look forward to a visually impressive, feature-rich, and immersive flying experience with the new LongRanger III.

Cwan Simulation bell 206L3 Jetranger MSFS 3

Cwan Simulation bell 206L3 Jetranger MSFS 2

Cwan Simulation bell 206L3 Jetranger MSFS 1

The Bell 206L3 is now available for purchase on Cowan Simulation’s website. As with the Bell 206B3 release, the developer promises free future updates to ensure functionality and continue to enhance the flying experience for users.

This is truly a fortunate weekend for helicopter pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator, as the launch of Cowan Simulation’s Bell 206L3 coincides with the release of another iconic rotorcraft, the Alouette III.