Watch this ultra-realistic walkaround of the Fenix A320, now entering beta

The team at Fenix Simulations has been a bit silent over the last few weeks, as they go deep into the development of their aircraft while refraining from building too much hype. The last time we heard of this progress was back in December, with a detailed feature preview of the electrical system on the A320.

Today, Fenix Simulations has announced a very significant new milestone for the team: the project has been moving ahead very well and it’s now going into a beta stage! In a new blog post on the Fenix Simulations website, Aamir Thacker revealed that the team is working hard through these latter stages of development, ready to put this highly-anticipated aircraft in the hands of simmers as soon as possible.

To that end, the Fenix A320 is now going into the hand of a “sizable” Beta team that will put the aircraft through its paces. This team is composed of people with different levels of experience and backgrounds, from inexperient simmers with an Airbus to real-world pilots with thousands of hours in the actual aircraft.

As you can see, despite the recent quietness, Fenix Simulations was hard at work to build this very promising airplane, and it seems this work is coming to fruition at a steady pace.

To celebrate this milestone, Fenix shared a simple but unique new video of the A320, which shows two notable aspects: the incredibly realistic model in a very moody night atmosphere in MSFS, and the first sounds we’ve heard of the aircraft, as it sits in the tarmac waiting to depart on another flight. Everything here screams “realism”, and leaves another very good impression about this exciting upcoming airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator!