(Xbox too!) Got Friends releases the DoubleEnder, a STOL powerhouse with great views

Update, July 7th: The Double Ender is out now on the Marketplace as well, which makes the aircraft available for Xbox simmers! It’s loads of fun and it’s priced at a very reasonable $19.99.

You may not have noticed it with all the fuss around FSExpo, but Got Friends has a brand new aircraft that promises to be another excellent addition to the team’s incredible product lineup for MSFS. The DoubleEnder, an intriguing homebuilt two-engined STOL airplane with a push-pull configuration, is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

The Got Friends DoubleEnder comes packed with fascinating features. One standout is the fully custom MVP-50P engine monitoring avionics system, providing pilots with all the necessary data to manage the twin engines powering the aircraft. The aircraft will also feature multiple layers of dirt and mud that accumulate based on the weather and the type of ground the aircraft interacts with. Impressively, this dirt can be washed off by dipping the aircraft’s wheels in water.

The MVP-50P system in GotFriends’ Double Ender is the most advanced unit they’ve incorporated into an aircraft to date. It serves as the central hub for management needs, offering six display pages and two additional screens. It tracks and displays everything from manifold pressure to fuel quantity in near real-time, and monitors each individual cylinder head in the two Rotax 916iS engines. By cycling through the screens, pilots can access a plethora of data like Airspeed, Altimeter, Heading, Ground Roll Distance, and Wind Speed, which can be particularly useful in friendly STOL competitions.

The Aircraft Configuration Page is where pilots can customize their aircraft modifications, such as installing a belly pod, setting up realism features like electrical failures, engine failures, wear and tear, dynamic dirt, and visual effects. These settings are persistent, adding a new dimension of creativity to the flying experience. The Aircraft V-Speeds Page, another valuable tool, displays crucial information for various speeds and dynamically adjusts based on the aircraft’s weight, aiding in perfect take-off or landing calculations.

The developers have integrated a Wear and Tear feature as a core element of the Double Ender, simulating a variety of failures from high RPM stress to brake degradation. This feature follows the user from one flight to the next, with each damage type having gradual consequences on overall flights. Pilots can monitor and fix any issues on the Workshop Page when parked with the engine off, with some damage modules even providing visual indicators, especially for tire damage.

Despite being an apparel simple aircraft, GotFriends has gone deep into the levels of realism simmers can expect from the Double Ender. The aircraft boasts the most accurate simulation of an Airmaster prop control unit to date, with fully functional BETA on the front prop, allowing pilots to reverse and manually control prop pitches.

Got Friends Double Ender MSFS 1.jpg

Got Friends Double Ender MSFS 2.jpg

Got Friends Double Ender MSFS 4.jpg

Got Friends Double Ender MSFS 5.jpg

To add another layer of immersion, the Double Ender includes interactive animated cargo such as a deployable tent, bedroll, cooler, and more. It will also come with a variety of bush liveries, ranging from real-world factory prototypes to retro bush graphics inspired by popular backcountry streamers.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the DoubleEnder is the exceptional visibility, thanks to its all-glass cockpit and unique engine placement. Unlike most traditional aircraft, the Double Ender’s twin engines are mounted in a push-pull configuration on top of the fuselage, eliminating the need for an engine at the front. This innovative design allows for an unobstructed panoramic view from the cockpit, providing pilots with unparalleled situational awareness and the ability to fully enjoy the stunning landscapes offered by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Got Friends has set the price for the Double Ender at an affordable $19.99, available for PC directly from the team’s website. It should also come soon to the Marketplace, where it will be available for Xbox simmers too!