The long-awaited PILOT’S Dash 7 is finally available for MSFS

Quite an exciting Friday in Microsoft Flight Simulator, isn’t it? Earlier we told you about the release of both the Airbus H160 (HypePerformanceGroup) and the Boeing 787-9 (Horizon Simulations), and now there’s a new aircraft release: the Dash 7 from PILOT’S, which was indeed promised to launch this weekend.

The Dash 7 has been keenly awaited by the MSFS community, especially given the aircraft’s distinctive STOL capabilities, which allow it to operate from shorter runways including those that are unpaved or unimproved, opening up a plethora of smaller airports for virtual pilots to explore with what is basically a small airliner!

The Dash 7 boasts a storied legacy stretching back to the late 20th century. A total of 113 of these rugged, four-engine turboprops were manufactured before the product lines were closed in 1988, following Boeing’s acquisition of the company. The Dash 7’s design was a testament to versatility and adaptability, traits that PILOT’S has aimed to replicate in this virtual reincarnation for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

PILOT S Dash 7 MSFS released 7

PILOT S Dash 7 MSFS released 6

PILOT S Dash 7 MSFS released 5

PILOT S Dash 7 MSFS released 4

PILOT S Dash 7 MSFS released 2

Developed from the ground up for MSFS in collaboration with SimWorks Studios, this aircraft boasts a realistic external and internal model with accurate gauges, custom sounds, and a range of avionics options. In the cockpit, you will find the integration of modern navigational aids like the TDS GTNXi and GNS 530 GPS units.

The Dash 7 also comes with a variety of real-world liveries including Air Greenland, Air Tindi, Berjaya Air, Brymon Airways, Continental, Tyrolean Airways, Pan Am, Trans World Express, and Maersk. These liveries not only add a touch of realism but also pay homage to the airlines that once operated or are still operating the Dash 7.

The PILOT’S Dash 7 is now available for purchase from the developer’s website. It’s priced at just €19.99 EUR, which is decidedly inviting. It’s worth checking out!

PILOT S Dash 7 MSFS released 3


  • Developed from the ground-up for MSFS
  • Full support to integrate the TDS GTNXi and GNS 530 GPS units into the cockpit
  • Original steam gauge variant also included
  • Authentic and realistic gauges
  • Custom Sound Package
  • Authentic colour matching and simulated original materials
  • 4k Textures
  • Livery Air Greenland included
  • Livery Air Tindi included
  • Livery Berjaya Air included
  • Livery Brymon Airways included
  • Livery Continental included
  • Livery Tyrolean Airways included
  • Livery Pan Am included
  • Livery Trans World Express included
  • Livery Maersk included
  • Quick Start Manuals (POH in the works)