Horizon Simulations releases freeware Boeing 787-9 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

As announced last week, Horizon Simulations released today their freeware Boeing 787-9 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This release, which follows their previous work on the freeware Kuro 787-8 mod, brings the popular 787-9 variant to the virtual skies of MSFS. The model offers a range of enhancements over the default Asobo B787, but requires simmers to have access to that particular aircraft, which only comes with the Premium Deluxe Edition of the simulator.

The Boeing 787-9 is a long-haul twin-engine jet, revered for its fuel efficiency and range capabilities. It’s the middle child in the Dreamliner family but is often seen as the most balanced in terms of range and capacity. Horizon Simulations seems to have taken the rendering of this aircraft very seriously, aiming to replicate the real-world counterpart’s nuances in MSFS for long-haul pilots to enjoy.

Horizon Simulations Boeing 787 9 MSFS freeware 2.jpg

The features that Horizon Simulations introduced with this model are nothing short of extensive. From EFB enhancements such as added performance calculations and a new doors page to model enhancements that include a realistic exterior adorned with grime, dirt, and markings, the attention to detail is evident. The exterior model also boasts new default wing textures, realistic engine cowlings, and reworked engine fan blades animations. The SATCOM addition, wingflex, engine vibrations, and gear compression have also been tweaked to mirror real-world physics as closely as possible.

Moreover, the lighting hasn’t been overlooked. Complete reworks of exterior lighting alongside the introduction of cabin “mood lighting” show that Horizon Simulations went all in on this model. The cockpit, too, saw significant enhancements with correct engine displays based on engine type and a Vbar option, among others. Sound enhancements, including a new GEnx sound package, add to the immersive experience that this aircraft promises.

Horizon Simulations Boeing 787 9 MSFS freeware 1.jpg

Horizon Simulations Boeing 787 9 MSFS freeware 3.jpg

The flight model enhancements are also robust, with reworked flight models to match the -9 tables, alongside an updated taxiing model, correct fuel flow, and overhauled flap configuration.

Miscellaneous enhancements like added GSX profiles, a -9 Paintkit, over 30 stunning liveries to choose from, tooltips, and corrected -9 description further sweeten the deal. For those who take their flight planning seriously, SimBrief profiles for both Rolls-Royce and GENx variants are also provided.

The Horizon Simulations Boeing 787-9 is available now for free for Microsoft Flight Simulator.