The PMDG DC-6 for Flight Simulator really exists, is now a Facebook cover

PMDG’s elusive projects for MSFS seem to be having a turn of events. Everyone is hoping to see the 737NG released in Flight Simulator, but PMDG appears to be destined for a different kind of entry into Microsoft’s new sim. And with today’s launch of the DC-6 as a Facebook cover image on PMDG’s official page, coupled with the two shots we got on April Fool’s last month, it looks like Robert Randazzo and his team are more likely to first release a propliner for MSFS, rather than a jetliner.

We know that PMDG will bring their entire product lineup into MSFS, but the order in which they will be released is not getting any clearer. The lack of proper information from the developers regarding a product roadmap is excruciating, but hints are starting to appear that seem to indicate that the DC-6 is now under the developers’ spotlight.

The DC-6 release for X-Plane wasn’t exactly a great success, and some people still hold a grudge about how that was handled. Still, a PMDG airplane is always a reason to get excited, even if it’s somewhat of a niche rather than the highly sought-after 737.

Does it look more real in Black and White?

Reports are definitely conflicting, as we previously thought that the 737NG was going to be PMDG’s first release for MSFS but… what do we know? We haven’t seen images of the 737 in months… and now the DC-6 is being teased twice in less than two months. This is getting confusing… what’s going on here guys?!

Either way… PMDG is up to something. Let’s hope we hear some words from Mr. Randazzo soon!