PMDG’s plans for the future: entire product lineup coming to MSFS, SDK no longer a major limitation

Once the time comes for PMDG to launch their first product for the new Flight Simulator, it will for sure be a day to remember. Currently expected to be the 737NG3, it’s bound to be a landmark when it comes to complex airliners in MSFS.

On the heels of this weeks’ launch of the CRJ, by Aerosoft, the first high quality third-party airliner for MSFS, there was some speculation about the work of other renowned developers of complex airplanes, such as PMDG, and when they could also make their products available. After all, there’s been some consistent talk over the last few months about the SDK not being “ready” for more complex add-ons. Now, PMDG’s Robert Randazzo came to public to shed some light on the current state of PMDG’s work for MSFS, and what lies ahead for the future.

For starters, Robert reassured that PMDG’s entire product lineup is being converted to MSFS. This will take its time, obviously, as the team is completely rebuilding every model, texture and sound for the new simulator. The goal is to create “incredible, new, feature-rich environments that really shine in the new MSFS platform”.

On the 737NG3 development’s front, things are looking promising. Robert is seeing their work starting to accelerate in MSFS, and the expected release date for late 2021, early 2022, is now a bit “softer”. While there’s no clear indication that it will be out sooner, it seems development is going better than expected.

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One of the very few images so far of the 737 in MSFS.

Following on this, Robert wanted to clarify some things about the speculation about “limitations” when it comes to developing for MSFS. While it’s true that a few months ago there was a lot of work to be done in the platform to allow for more complex airplanes, the reality is that MSFS is changing very fast and dynamically, and “what may have been true in June of 2020 is not necessarily true any longer”.

Putting an end to the speculation, Robert finished off: “From the standpoint of development, we are not currently seeing any major limitations to prevent us from bringing our product catalog into MSFS“.

Great news then from one of the major development studios in the flight sim world. But still, we’ll have to be patient. Complex work takes a long time, but knowing that such in-depth airplanes are now possible in MSFS, you can’t help but wonder about all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for MSFS!