The NextGen Simulations’ Bandeirante gets its biggest update yet, is now available for Xbox

This past week we saw the release of the NextGen Simulations’ Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante on the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This launch for console simmers also marks the release of the most comprehensive update yet for the Bandeirante, which was originally released to mixed reviews back in March.

The Bandeirante has received a small number of patches over the months, which didn’t change much about the experience besides providing essential compatibility updates with new versions of the simulator. NextGen Simulations is looking to change that now, with a massive update that immediately takes the Bandeirante to version 1.5.

Besides the release for Xbox, v1.5 brings a brand new Wwise engine sound set that completely replaces the old one. The developers are confident that this will be a significant upgrade to the overall experience when flying the Bandeirante.

The Bandeirante is now also fully compatible with the GTN 750 avionics mod. New bezels have been added to the instrument panel in order to accommodate the GTN 750 in a seamless way.

Embraer Bandeirante MSFS 3

Embraer Bandeirante MSFS 1

Embraer Bandeirante MSFS 5

Embraer Bandeirante MSFS 4

NextGen Simulations also did some comprehensive optimization changes in the 3D model. The flight deck is now compatible with VR, and the number of polygons in the cockpit has been halved, which should result in better rendering performance, but the developers say this doesn’t sacrifice the visuals in any meaningful way.

More details about this update and what’s planned for the future are available on the latest status update from NextGen. This also includes updated documentation, the introduction of tutorial videos to help new pilots get to grips with the Bandeirante, and the release of a repaint kit, among other things. Development on other projects also appears to have restarted, such as with the Saab 340, announced last April along with other projects.

Ever since it launched, the Bandeirante has been mildly reviewed, with simmers mostly complaining about the poor sounds. With this update, this complaint hopefully gets properly tackled, and the Bandeirante becomes a more interesting proposition among the growing number of add-on airplanes for MSFS. If you have any feedback about this new version of the Bandeirante, let us know in the comments below!